Confessions of a Shellac-aholic


I would like to share my story in this shellac addicts group. My name is Rebecca and I’m a shellac-aholic… *clap clap clap clap*

You may have seen my previous blog post about my nail course and becoming a CND trained creative;

Hells Yeah!
Well this unleashed the possibilities in my imagination like a big bang explosion of creative creation. Working with CND Shellac, Lecente nail art stuff and tools and using Moyou Stamping, is amazing. The totes proffesh finish and durability I get from even my craziest ideas is so satisfying. And Faster than I’ve been able to achieve it so far. *I still need to, ahem, really get my nail service time down though*

So where’s the problem?

I don’t have many clients and don’t get the practice on real people. I’m still working long hours in a hospital to pay for my obsession, but I have declared myself as self employed and got insured and everything. But I havn’t advertised appointments.

Am I a coward? My comfort zone is far too comfy. Quite literally. It’s in my bedroom.

All I have to do is wake up and spring out of bed with a fresh inspired idea -probably from Instagram- sit in my nail chair and I’ve surrounded myself with easily accessible nail art tools. It’s a hub of joy. Those nail art pops are my downfall. They’re just so darn convenient for ideas.

Even since taking these pictures I’ve done about 10 more. Doing my own nails isn’t as satisfying, as you can see from the few examples of pics, I have trouble growing them and can’t protect them with gel for long because it’s a no-go in work. It takes longer, and my right hand usually looks like a toddler would have done better.

So shellac lovers. What do I do now to plunge myself into client-world and try and earn back my investments. I shall leave you with a few more of these sweet sweet nail pops though. I like to lay them out as a reminder just how carried away I’ve become since I was unleashed in the CND world.

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