CND Shellac beginner course day 2

This is the day. The day we dream of when we take on a challenge. The health, safety and scientific theory is, for the most part, covered. The exams are done and passed. This is the day of practical fun.

Again I was the only student and smashed the small, non-multiple choice quiz my education ambassador, Kate Sawley, set in the morning. So time was ours and we could go through the process of shellac removal at our leisure. Admiring the ant farm like diagrams of the shellac layer structures and chatting about ideas for nail art while my trial and demo nails were soaking in their foil-y blankets.

I sat and drank tea while the removal wraps worked their magic. This made me happy. Tea wins.

Just as the craving for more tea and food beckoned, it was time to set up my desk for the best client a girl could have -my mum- and then go for a break. Mum’s treat to lunch at the cafe on the corner of the road. This day gets better.

Once we were back though, the pressure was on, as I was on a timer to perform a full treatment from filling in the client card. As with all exams, I started of at a really slow speed, which I then regretted halfway through. I had to do a hand of bold red shellac and a hand of french tip. Each time I didn’t hand craft that perfect smile line, the cracks would show in my performance.


But I got there in about 70-80 minutes and my mum took her oddly matched hands to Kate to be checked. Thankfully when I came to remove the french tip nails and give mum a full set of shiny red pointers, I was not on a timer and worked surprisingly quicker. At least it felt like I did.

To round off the course Kate briefly went over some of the nail art options available from sweet squared, such as foil and glitter. And after a quick phone call to someone in head office, my buying restrictions were lifted. So now I can buy all the polishes and glitter polishes and glitter. Because SHINY and GLITTER….shhhhh, don’t tell my budget. My budget doesn’t need to know.

So now I have quality options for my clients and I get a shiny badge. (The certificate is in the post). I took a lot from it and I feel like it was a good investment into my nail champion goal.


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