CND Shellac beginner course day 1

Goal of being a nail pro is in sight and I’m ready to smash it with this course. Since I discovered that CND do their own education I have wanted to do this course. Everyone wants shellac and I want in. I discovered that there is an education ambassador in Wirral, Kate Sawley (she’s awesome, seriously, nail nerds check out her profile, she knows her stuff), so then it became a waiting game. 1. to be able to pay for it after the slightly financially crippling acrylic course. And 2. for a date to become available while I have 2 days off work together, along with the availability of a model with nice natural nails midday, midweek.

Mum and I had annual leave conveniently at the same time, while a course date was available. Boom.

Like a good nerd I read the whole work book that was sent to me in the post after booking the course, and got 82% in the pre-course assessment. A lot of the content I had covered on my previous course but I think it doesn’t matter how much you stare at the difference between Onycholysis and Onychorrhexis, it has never sunk in enough.

I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed to the beautiful loft space where a brand new LED lamp and a bag full of goodies sat purring at me and giving me love eyes from a glass table. I was greeted by Kate and surprised by the fact that her other student had converted courses at the last minute so I would be having 1:1 tuition!

The rest of the morning was spent going over social media in the nail world, the standards of cleanliness, nerding a little over the science of the systems and sharing the enthusiasm for shellac’s quality assurance and benefits to the natural nail. As my stomach suddenly reminded me it was lunchtime, we took a break, so that I could satisfy my tea addiction and be ready the investigate my new kit further and give the practical side a go!

Being the only one in the room, I had the great pleasure of being the demo girl, before I painted my own nails. I don’t think I did too badly, and using the LED lamp was really fun.

Guess which ones I did

One of the things I loved about this day, which I didn’t get from the last course I did, was how to properly price the service, insurance to take out and such things that effect how yourself and others value the service. It was really nice to go over this and gave me much more confidence in what I have to offer.

With Kate’s great tutorship I scored a nice 88% in my final online assessment which I have just completed.

Can’t wait for day 2!

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