How I Grew Dragon Claws

Dear reader, I’m not sure how long I have left of humanity. My good man took me deep inside a cave in wales yet undiscovered to man. In it’s great crevasses was an old dragon lost in time and memory. We manged to crawl free but his tail caught my leg and I have since lost my nails to claw-like scales.

Or so my Skyrim adventurer daydream goes. He’s an alternative view to what happened.

With the idea of creating a claw shape nail, like a sharper almond, I applied tips, trimmed them ad sculpted then with acrylic. You may notice I already have a ‘practice nail’ in these pictures.


I painted on a layer of black gel to use as a base. This was so I could apply layers of glitter more thinly without losing depth. I was tempted to just keep then black but the effect  of my practice nail reminded me how much I love the chameleon polish.

Next is the application of the chameleon-glitter gel polish. I first tried chameleon chrome powder but then found Halo Polish ‘Medusa’ and it is STUNNING!. It shimmers Purple with coral tinges, emerald green and teal in different lights. The chunky-ish glitter effect gave it a nice scaled feel too.

To add a gorgeously textured and scale look to the ring finger and thumb I used a matte top coat, cured it and then used a dotting tool to add clear top coat blobs. Look how cool they look in the LED light…

I did try it the other way around with matte spots over gloss but it just looked like my dragon had an uncomfortable skin condition…


So I filed it off and did it again.

My lack of skill in shaping aside, the texture of the ‘scales’ and shimmer of the polish looks and feels amazing. I tried to get pictures in different lights to show the colour change.

Thanks for reading! x

I used;

  • Red Capet Manicure ‘Structure’
  • Red Carpet Manicure ‘Black stretch limo’
  • Halo Gel Polish ‘Medusa’
  • Halo Gel Polish ‘Non Wipe Matte Top Coat’
  • Non Wipe Gel Top Coat
  • Various sizes of dotting tool (set from amazon)

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