J’Adore Deco


I don’t speak French, so I let the funky nails do the talkin’ talkin’ yeah.

But seriously…I can’t speak french, I just thought the word looked fancy. As fancy as this nail art I did on a classy lady who came to me for an acrylic backfill! I’m starting to find my feet a little more so it’s OK to be proud right?

I laid out the last Wirral Met treatment form I will need on the table and away we went!


I had been given a brief for nail art – ‘Art Deco’ – and after sharing pinterest images and demo nails on the creepy plastic hook nails from China, we agreed on this example-


For the accent I applied a base of white and used seche vite top coat to seal it so I could safely use sticky tape without it DESTROYING EVERYTHING. I put the tape into the V shape as a guide so I could stamp the square design over it all. When I peeled away the tape voilà…a V shaped window to the stamping illusion!

Of course nothing always goes to plan and some of the design didn’t pick up.


After I freehanded the line of coloured polish, I used a stamping plate to get the gold lines spot on and try and cover up the impurities. Showing off my new stamping plates my client skillfully chose some patterns to add to few other nails and thus the look was achieved!


In hindsight I should have advised my client to be a bit more cautious about applying blunt pressure to her nails for the next 24 hours. At the time I thought they were hard as nails as I’d used a gel top coat and cured it. Though I had used normal polish underneath. Needless to say I was repairing a smudge before the end of the night but lessons learned!

What do you think? x

I used:

  • Essie ‘Sunday Funday’
  • Maybelline Super Stay ‘Snowed In’
  • Moyou London stamping polish ‘Black Knight’
  • Moyou London stamping polish ‘Ginger Rust’
  • Moyou London stamping plate ‘Illusion no.02’
  • Moyou London stamping plate ‘Illusion no.03’
  • Moyou London stamping plate ‘Holy Shapes no.09’
  • Moyou London stamping plate ‘Steampunk no.01’
  • Seche Vite Top Coat



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